Services text on homepage and individual service page

Hi again,

I’m confused (again). I’ve got 3 services created with a short amount of text for use on the homepage. I’ve added the services widget and the icon with the short text appears on the homepage. Good so far.

When I add the link to another page (about that service) I want to have a whole page about the service.

Problem I’ve got:

Within the services item I add a link to /services/consultancy/ but it only goes to the short text shown on the homepage, not the consultancy page I’ve created. Even the permalink just to the short text page rather than the page I’ve created.

Do I need to create the long page with a different title so it’s different from the service name?

Hello there,

Let me ask a thing. Did you compose the /services/consultancy/ page from Dashboard > Pages > Add New? If so, please don’t use “services” as part of permalink. Otherwise, it won’t work as it is associated with the service post type already.


I created the services first (service post type), then a services page (Dashboard > Pages > Add New), then the individual pages such as consultancy and added them under the services page for the menu.

So is it the Services page I need to rename?

> So is it the Services page I need to rename?



Awesome, thank you so much. Great support :slight_smile: