Services text disappear on mobile

I noticed that when viewing my site on my phone (or making my browser’s width really small) the text in the services section disappears. The title still shows though. Is this normal or should the text show?

Yeap, had to check cause I didn’t know for sure, but that’s how the designer did it. It’s easy to show it with some custom code, would you want to do it?

Yes I would like to do that its just some custom css to put in my custom css plugin correct?


@media only screen and (max-width: 40em) {
      #services .feature .info p {
            display: block;

That did the trick thanks man I really appreciate it. I think the site is nearly complete now. Just waiting for my product video to be finished and then gonna tweak some little stuff.

Great job on the themes. We all appreciate it.


i am having the same problem.
I added this CSS but nothing happend…
Please help me

Hi Maja,

Could you please to post a URL of your site?