Services section margins


Hello, is there any way I can make the top and bottom margins of the services section smaller? There is a lot of blank space between the top of the section and the title and the bottom and the text that I would like to shorten up. Thank you! I am also having trouble with the customizer. When I go into fonts, I change the H3 font size and it displays the change immediately, but as soon as I save and publish the page and refresh it, the text goes back to whatever it was previously. Is this because my stylesheet code is overriding it somehow?


This is the default padding for the services section:

#services {
    padding: 80px 0;

Decrease 80px to the value you like - it changes the top and also the bottom space.

Myabe you overwrote it or maybe you’re trying to change an H3 that has it’s own size. Point me to it and I’ll see.


Ok I just inspected the element, found the rule and copied it into the CSS editor and changed the font size. I am not sure if that’s the proper way of doing it but it fixed the problem. Thanks for the padding CSS!