Services section layout on Perth Pro

I really like this template. When i imported the pro demo content mine looks like the free version. Is there specific documentation to set the theme up like your pro version looks? Also, can i have a top menu with child items on this theme?

I like the way the more services and creative corner are laid out and i want to recreate this front page:

I don’t think i was specific enough in the prior post.



Hello there,

The demo content is exactly the same file with the free version. We provided it as a starting point for both free and pro users. The Perth pro demo is just an example of possible final look; some might want different result.

Here are some video tutorials that will help you working with Perth’s features:

The main slider on the pro demo uses Crelly Slider. We’ve provided a documentation for it on here.

For other features like timeline widget, please read its documentation on here.

To make you easier replicating our demo content, copy this code into your code editor program, and then save it as an .xml file, e.g. pert-pro-demo.xml. Log into your site admin area, go to Tools > Import > select that XML file > Upload file and import.

> Also, can i have a top menu with child items on this theme?

Yes, you can have sub menus. Edit your menu on Appearance > Menus > select a menu item, drag-drop it, and then place it to indent from parent menu. Please see this comprehensive tutorial.