Services Section 404

Hi All,

Being using Sydney for sometime. Successfully setup site. In the past day, the /services link as well as the individual service posts are resulting in 404. Do see all the services in admin.

Any pointers on how to go about understanding where the problem lies?


Just noticed that not only /services but also /clients is giving 404 response. Actual full pages and /blog are loading though. Any pointers on understanding the issue better?


So the problem was activating the Yoast SEO Plugin. Would be useful to know how to address root cause, as I would like to use the plugin.

Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it. Could you please tell us about the your permalink setup? Go to Settings > Permalink > Common Settings. Which one is being enabled?

Also could you confirm if you .htaccess file is properly configured? Please refer here.


Thank you for responding. Permalink is setup as follows:

Post Name -

Unfortunately hosting provider does allow access to .htaccess. Will submit a ticket to validate recommended setting.

Thanks once again for your help!