Services,Projects,Testimonials ?

Hi !

I downloaded the free version of Moesia.

I do NOT have the Projects, Testimonials and Services tabs in my WP Dashboard like shown in the tutorial videos.

Do these not come with the free version ? Or ?

never mind. i am a genius.

Hey Genius, let me know what you did. have the same Problem here :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I am a genius, too :slight_smile:

Awesome! :smiley:

you have to download the xml files. one for the types of post and one for demo content.

  1. Quick Start Guide

Download, install and activate the theme.
Install and activate the two plugins recommended by the theme: Page Builder by Site Origin and Types.
Right-click this xml file and save it somewhere on your computer, then go to Types > Settings > Import/Export and import the file. This step is needed if you intend to use the Services, Testimonials, Clients and Employees blocks.
Optional: import demo content and quickly get your site to look like our demo page. Download this import file and see this video if you need help (depending on your host this might not work from the first try).