Services Problems

Hello Vlad,

Thanks so much for all your help and being so quick about this forum. I’m having some problems with my Services block on

  1. I’m trying to display 6 of my 12 services posts, but the alignment is off for some reason. It looks more like a Masonry layout, which isn’t what I would like. Any ideas?
  2. When I shrink the size of my browser window the bottom of the services section becomes whited out (I assume because the image is too long across and not high enough?)
  3. What does this line mean? “[DEPRECATED - Go to Edit Row > Theme > Background image] Upload an image for the background if you want. It will get a parallax effect.” I tried looking for Theme in the Edit Row option in the page builder, but I can’t find it. Or, does this refer to the background image for the entire site?

Thanks again for the help and clarification.



1&3. Pretty sure the option is there:
Remove the background image from the deprecated option and set it from Edit Row > Theme > background image and those grey boxes will disappear.
2. Correct.

Oh yea ok great. Is there any way to change the services display so that there are two rows with three columns instead of three rows with two columns?

You already have two rows with three columns.

interesting. I’m seeing 3 rows, 2 columns but I just checked another computer and it is 2 rows, 3 columns. ok, great. one more question. what is the css selector for changing the double bar line widget title decoration color in my Our Packages section (it’s a text widget with a shortcode inside)?

If you’re looking on a small screen, then yeah, there are three rows with two columns.

.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
     border-color: #fff;