Services Page Showing All Services Despite Adding A Category Slug to the Widget

Hello guys,
First of all thanks a lot for this fantastic theme. I’m building my personal content writing website with your theme but I’ve encountered a problem while setting up my services page. What I’m trying to do is setting up a separate page for my services as you’ve set up here in theme demo, but I want to show the services from only one particular category on that page. I tried adding the category slug to Services widget using Page Builder, but the page is still showing all services from all categories.

Given below are the settings that I’ve saved to the Services widget of that page:

and given below is the services page that I’m seeing… There’re only 6 services in my main category, but it’s showing all services.

Here’s the direct link of services page, in case you need it.

Please help. Thank you.


Just change the URL of that page.
What you posted is the archive page for services, which indeed shows all services. So if your page URL is the same as the archive URL, the archive will always be displayed instead of the page.

Thanks man. That solved the problem perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: