Services Page not working as intended

Services page does not follow behavior shown in instructional video (#13).

On my Services page, I’m trying to separate 8 services into 2 groups, each group should have its own header title. Following the instructions in documentation, I created all service posts in admin Services tab, selected the appropriate categories for these service posts, and uploaded the .xml file (v9) – this should separate the 2 categories of services. However, although all Services posts I created do appear on the Services page, they are not separated into 2 groups as intended.
What’s interesting, in the admin’s edit Services page, the page builder did not transfer proper ‘instructions’ to the visual editor. I saw this and edited the visual editor with proper html code directly, but this had no effect on the live Services page.

Can you please help? I don’t know where I’m making a mistake.

You’re using the Services page template there. That one displays all your services. What you want to do is create a regular page, add the front page template to it so it would look nice and add the Services widget twice with the Page Builder. Then select one category in the first widget and the other category in the next.

Ah, I see. This wasn’t clear from the instructional video, so I’m glad I asked. It all worked out when I selected front page template. Now that I watch the video again with your tip in mind, it makes sense.

Thank you Vlad! <3

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have another look at the video to see if it can be improved.