Services page not updating


I’m having trouble getting my services page to update. I’m trying to insert a back button and social media buttons at the bottom of the page, like on all my other pages. However each time I try to make the adjustments, the services page stays the same, no matter what changes I make. Any ideas?

Here is a link:


Hello there,

You won’t see any update you applied as the link you referred is another page. It is actually a post type archive page; it doesn’t associate with the page you were editing. Please rename the page slug, e.g. our-services.


Thanks Kharis.

So how do I go about getting rid of the slug and making that the only page which “services” appears on? Not sure I understand exactly what the problem is. The permalink for my services page is

All of my other pages seem to update fine and are set up in the same fashion.
Thanks for your time.

In your site admin area, you’ll see a Services post type. Technically speaking, each post type has its own unique slug and it automatically creates an archive page with this permalink structure: For this Services post type, its slug is “services”. If you have other page with this slug, you won’t be able to visit it, as it always falls to the services archive. There is nothing to do with the theme – this is how WordPress system handles post type archive. Please avoid using “services” slug. To edit the slug page, edit page, edit the permalink option underneath the page title.


Thanks for your help!


You’re welcome and best wishes!