Services Page - How to edit?

Currently the Sydney template is auto building the Services landing page… and it look horrible.

Sorry, I attempted to do a search before posting and it wound up auto posting. Let me clarify my question.

What I am talking about is the main services landing page.

As you can see, the Sydney theme is auto building this page. When I log into wordpress to edit this page, there is nothing to edit. Any changes I make on the page don’t occur.

Horrible looking services page

How can I fix this?

Hello there,

Technically, it isn’t theme issue and nothing wrong with it. This is how WordPress system works with post type. Whenever post types found, they’ll automatically have their own public archive page with this URL format:

Any page with the same URL won’t be read. You should use different page slug. Rename your services page, so it will read differently, e.g.