Services page hierarchy

First, thank you for creating such a beautiful clean look with Moesia!

Now for my question. I think I might be trying to do something that Moesia isn’t designed to support. But here’s what I’m trying to do and how I’ve configured it so far.

I’m trying to create a hierarchy of services. A basic structure that would look like:

Services (a new page I created for the top menu and adjusted the Permalink to be that of the Service Widget generated pages)
–Service A (summary) - created by the services widget
-----Detail to Service A - a new page

I’ve used the Services widget to define the services so they show up on the Front-Page. They also appear in the top menu - perfect. No problem here.

I’ve created a Page called Services since the widget alone will not be enough to create the menu entry. Under this new Services page, I’ve created a new page (Detail) with Services as the parent.

This works great in that the top menu shows “Services” and when I hover over it, it shows the new Detail page.

I’ve then gone into the Services widget and edited the “Service Link” to point to the Permalink of the Detail page I created as a child to the Service page.

So, now from the Front-Page, the Service section allows me to click the title of the Service and I expected it to take me to the Detail page. However, that’s not what’s happening. Instead of taking me to the Detail page, it displays “Oops! This page can’t be found.” I’ve double checked the Permalink.

I also get the “Oops!” page when I click View directly from the Detail page. However, if I promote the Detail page to not have a parent, then I can view it and adjusting the link from the Service widget to the new Permalink it does as well. The trouble here is that the main menu then shows the Detail page in addition to Services. I can fix that by editing the menu (under Appearance) and manually setting the menu and shifting the Detail menu under Services.

So, I think I have a technique to keep my menu with a perception of a page hierarchy and get the link from the Front-Page to work. Hopefully this all makes sense so far.

The last problem I have are:

When I click on the Services menu item in the top menu, it takes me to the Services page where it displays all the Service Widget items (that matches what is displayed on the Front-Page). This is good. However, the problem I have is:

  1. The page displays with Recent Posts, Archives, Categories, Meta on the right, forcing the Products to the left. The Services page (the one that I created so I could put it in the top menu is set to use the Services Template). I can’t find the setting that lets me get rid of the Recent Posts… content on the right. Where might I look?

  2. The Service that was created by the widget and that is displayed on this “Services” page does not contain the link that would take me to the Detail page as it did from the Front-Page. Instead it takes me to a dynamically created child page that displays the full description I placed into the widget. When I click to Edit that child page (using the Edit that displays below the text), it takes me to the Service Widget where the “Service link” is that of the Detail page. So, I’m essentially navigating to 2 different locations depending on if I click the title of the service from the Front-Page vs the Services page. Any suggestions on how I might make the behavior consistent?

For clarity, here’s an example of the services and related pages I’m trying to create:

Services entered via the Services Widget:
Publications & Downloads
Vendor Negotiation

Pages created:
Publications & Downloads
Vendor Negotiation

Logical Hierarchy:
–Publications & Downloads (Widget created as summary information)
----Publications & Downloads (stand alone page with icons, links, detail descriptions…)
–Vendor Negotiation (Widget created as summary information)
----Vendor Negotiation (stand alone page with icons, references, detail descriptions, basic pricing…)


Hello Jeff,

It looks like these issues require close inspection, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

By the way, you might want to check this tutorial:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thanks for the pointers. Using that 404-error tutorial I found the trouble with the Permalink setting. I switched it to Plain and adjusted the Service Link from the Service widget entry of the service and my prior 404 error trouble with the parent-child page structure and the linking trouble I had in #2 above went away. This means I didn’t have to have a manually created menu! At first glance, I think some of the pages that showed the right side Recent Post format also straightened up. I’ve got more to clean up, but that little tweak looked to solve more than I expected. Totally awesome!


You are welcome Jeff!

I’m glad that it was helpful :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.