Services page display error


i’v been working with the Moesia Pro theme for two weeks now and it runs like a charm. But today I started working with the Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin and when i changed the page slug on the services page I encountered two problems.

The first one is that the page is not displaying the services like it used to, it’s displaying like a regular blog page instead now.

The second one is that when I make a new page, the page is not responding to the different page templates (under the page attributes section).

I think the problems have the same origin and i tried several things including switching the Yoast plugin off) but was not able to figure out how to fix it.

Could someone help me on this?


For the first issue: change the slug to something else. /services/ is reserved for the Services archive. Sames goes for employees etc. It’s how Wordpress does it.

For the second one: are you also naming this new page with the name of one of the custom post types?

The problems are solved! Thanks for your input Vlad!