Services page "ARCHIVES"?

Hi Vald, you’ve given me lots of help in recent weeks. its appreciated.

I am now putting my site live, and I’m stuggling to recreate one of the pages.

I have 7 services which display fine on the Home page. However, on my Services page on the site, the page appears called “Archives” and without the images. I used a “services” page template when I was developing the site but I don’t seem to have that option now I am working on the live site.

I want the Services page to display as per the Home page widget. The Services widget seems to have changed as the “-1” element has gone.

Visit to see what I mean, and compare it with http"// which is how I want it to appear.

This is an urgent issue if you could get back to me please.

Many thanks, once again, Neil

Hey Neil,

On you’re using Moesia Pro 1.20 which didn’t have the page templates for Services/Employees/etc, nor the -1 option in the widgets.

On your other site you’re using Moesia Pro 1.22 which did had those options.

Current theme version is 1.31.

Oh that’s annoying, I am 99% done!! Anything I can do Vlad?

Well, you can either update the theme (you haven’t updated since November - are you missing the notice in your dashboard?) or you can copy 1.22 from your secondary website to your main website using a FTP client if for some reason you want to keep that exact version of the theme. Or I can send 1.22 to you.

If I update will I lose the work I’ve done?

No :slight_smile:
There might be small structural changes since 10 versions ago, but your content will not be touched.

Phew - thanks, I’ve updated!

The page now says “Services” but is still not displaying the images of each service like on the projectsthree version…


Yeap, that’s because your slug is /services/ and it displays the CPT archive which takes precedence over a page with the same slug. So simply change the slug to our-services, assign the Services page template and you’re done.

For instance, on your test site the slug is services-2, that’s why it displays as expected.

Wow. Thank you a million times! All sorted, thanks Vlad for your truly brilliant service. Sincerely appreciated.

Glad I could help :slight_smile: