Services Not Updating

So at I have some “services” listed under the “what star includes” section of my page (

I updated these services and deleted the extra writing under the heading of each service, but it is not updating on my homepage? I DOES update if you follow the link ( there is no more extra writing, just the heading like I saved it as, but this edit did not update on my homepage.

I have cleared my cache and even checked the “do not cache this widget” for the “What Star Includes” section, but it still is not updating. Any ideas?


You can try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

P. S.
You can create a staging website for troubleshooting purposes, here is helpful tutorial:

Oh thank you. Yes, when I deactivate my “WP Fastest Cache Premium” it updated it.
That has been such a source of conflict for me. Is there a better cache app you recommend that works better with Astrid?

“WP Fastest Cache Premium” seems to always have a glitch like this every few weeks for me.

You are welcome!

You can try to use W3 Total Cache instead, but it wasn’t tested with Astrid.

Kind Regards, Roman.