Services not seen in adminbar

I’ve installed Sydney Pro but Services, Employee, Contact etc. are not shown in the admin bar. This means I can’t add Services to my Site. What have I done wrong?

You haven’t checked the documentation :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for a great theme, a true WowTheme.

Please, advice… I just recently installed SydneyFree and are stuck. I’ve written the services and that looked fine (as it should compared to the Sydney demo) and continuing to work and all of a sudden this changes so it’s only the text that is shown on the front page. Checking and checking everything. Stuck.

I watch the videos and I make myself a profile as an employee. And the front page looks bad.

Would you please give me a concrete hint how to handle this.

Iæve got the pluin Polylang installed for translation. Could that have anything to do with this problem?

I appreciate it.


Have a great day


Don’t really understand what you mean. You should open your own topic and include a link to your site as your questions don’t seem related to the topic we’re on.

Thanks Vlad, I missed that part. Thank you for a great theme!

Hi Vlad, and thanks for a respons; although, I would have started my own subject if I know how to. I will check how to find that one more time.

Hi again, does someone know how to start your own subject? Unfortunately, it’s not possible on my screen…