Services Not Listed in WP Cpanel

I logged in to change the services in my WordPress control panel and Services is not on the menu on the left when I login to my WP control panel. I believe it’s also missing some other blocks as well. I can not change the descriptions for each service because Service is not there. This is why I think Google can not access my CSS and JS files. It’s not the plugins. Is there a way I fix these issues without restoring from a backup, or reinstalling the theme and erasing all the content?

Hi there can be many reasons to cause this problem i think your functions.php file is modified or some database tables are missing. Please reinstall everything or try wordpress database reset plugin to see if that works

Which database tables do I need to reset? Also, will this erase the content on my website?

You just need to activate the Types plugin to see the services on the backend. I assume you disabled it.

In the database reset plugin you have to choose which database tables need to be reset. I dont know which ones need to be reset. Which database tables need to be reset in the database reset plugin? Also, will it delete the content on my website?

You don’t need to reset anything, see my comment above please.
Obviously, resetting the database will make you lose your content which is not something you want to do.

Then why was i told to get the database reset plugin if i only need the types plugin activated?

Don’t know, I assume it’s because you mentioned erasing all your content in your first post.

Looks like the problem is resolved.