Services menu and subitems not showing

Hi. I suspect that recent updates to wordpress and plug-ins messed up some things for me. Here are the symptoms summary:

  1. A few days ago I tried to edit pages (those pages were composed by Page Builder). When I edit a row in the page, the spinning circle kept on spinning and couldn’t edit.
  2. I started enabling/disabling plug-ins and playing with reverting to older plugin versions. The most recent update of Sydney Toolbox resulted in some syntax issues. The site wouldn’t load and instead showed the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/31/6820831/html/seattlebatman/wp-content/plugins/sydney-toolbox/sydney-toolbox.php on line 98

  1. After playing around more with enabling/disabling plugins, the only thing that enabled my site to show content again is disabling Sydney Toolbox. But now, I can’t see the Services menu in the wordpress dashboard/menu and I’m unable to edit/update the homepage (Which is a services summary).

Would appreciate any help. The site is


First, please make sure that your hosting environment meets WordPress requirements:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you for the reply.
For Php, GoDaddy shared hosting only allows up to Php 5.6, so the requirement for Php 7.2 cannot be achieved. Things were working just fine a few days ago, so while I certainly understand the need to meet min WP requirements, I think that the problem is not related to these prerequisites.

Would appreciate any help or input on the original issue.

Are you running 5.6?

Just as a side note, I would highly recommend moving away from GoDaddy if you can. SiteGround for example offer PHP 7+, built-in caching, and much better support for a similar price:

Yes, I am running 5.6. I’ll look into SiteGround.

Can someone just tell me please - what file has the code, or the links to the content that gets rendered in the home page? I can edit the raw file and code, but I not sure what file to edit.

The site currently renders all items that were under the Services menu. Now that the Services menu is not there, if I could just know what file to edit, I can dive in and make the edits directly in the file. Would appreciate some help.


I’m not sure how to add PHP 5 compatibility back (it looks like that requires some digging), but you can try to revert to previous Sydney Toolbox plugin version, as a workaround.

You can use this plugin:

Kind Regards, Roman.