Services link, anchor text


On my frontpage (, I’ve got a services listing, but when looking at the SEO score, it comes out telling me that some of the links on the frontpage to not have anchor text

So, how to add this for the services?


As checked on your homepage, seems likely your SEO score is referring to the icons links of your services.

Indeed, there is no text on that part. If that part reduces your SEO score, I think, you should remove the link on each service icon. To do so, edit the widgets/fp-services-type-b.php file in the Sydney Pro theme folder. Then find this code block:

    <div class="icon">
    	<?php if ($link) : ?>
    		<?php echo '<a href="' . esc_url($link) . '"><i class="fa ' . esc_html($icon) . '"></i></a>'; ?>
    	<?php else : ?>
    		<?php echo '<i class="fa ' . esc_html($icon) . '"></i>'; ?>
    	<?php endif; ?>

and replace it with:

    <div class="icon">
    	<?php echo '<i class="fa ' . esc_html($icon) . '"></i>'; ?>

Please note that direct changes to the theme’s files are not recommended as all files will be replaced with the new ones when updating the theme. So you’ll need to redo these code changes each time you update the theme.

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support