Services - I don't want the extra web page for each service!

Hello Vlad,

I noticed that each service I create from the ‘Services’ section results in a new web page. This is true even when the service blurb and icon do not link to extended information for that service. For example, if I create a service called “balloons” then a page is created, “http://www.DOMAIN/balloons”.

  1. Is it possible to create a service blurb and icon WITHOUT also creating the new web page? These services pages are showing up in Google and I don’t want them to because they don’t have content beyond the 1-2 sentences that goes with the icon.

  2. Suppose I want to keep the services pages for SEO purposes…Is it possible to keep the web page for each service, but make it so that the extended information on that page isn’t retrievable from the blurb/icon? Meaning, the blurb wouldn’t automatically link to the page.

  3. Below each individual page that is created for each service type, the page is set up so that it shows the previous and next service. Can I delete that? I don’t want to show the previous and next services.

Thanks for your help. I hope I am making sense.


  1. No, sorry.

  2. Not sure what you mean here, services don’t link automatically to their pages. Only if you’ve added links manually when you created each of your services.

  3. Customize > Talon Pro options > Custom Post Types singles > Single Services


Looping back to #2, to clarify, here is an example:

I have a service called “Copy Editing”.

The description that shows along with the icon is, “Copy editing is an hourly service by one of our in-house experts.” I do not want this icon/description to link to extended content at all.

When I create this service, a web page is automatically generated that is showing up in Google searches, “”.

This webpage is only showing, “Copy editing is an hourly service by one of our in-house experts.”

However, since it is showing up in Google search as a web page, it needs to say more because it’s causing a high bounce rate. I do not want the description to have a ‘read more’ link or link to the copy editing page at all.

So, since I can’t get rid of these services pages from the website (and thus from showing during Google searches), I need to figure out a way to add content to the pages, without having it impact the description with icon. Hope this makes sense…?


What you’re saying does make sense but again, your Copy editing service isn’t linked automatically to your page. Unless maybe by linked you mean that they’re connected or something, not that there’s a link that points to the single page.

You can do something else to avoid creating those extra services pages. If you’re done creating your services, you can share a link to your site, I can copy the HTML for your services section, give it to you and you’ll just drop it in a text widget (it will look exactly the same). Then you can delete all your services and it’s easy to modify the text if you need at a later point. How does that sound?

Thanks for the offer, Vlad. I’ve marked this as resolved. What was happening is, while the copy writing service excerpt page was not linking anywhere on the site, the copy writing service page was showing up as a page when searching Google. Creating a particular service (or project or partner etc.) means you’re also creating a page which people can get to from Google. No worries for now.