Services -- how to get two sections

I am using the free theme currently and looking at your demo at I see two services sections that I cannot duplicate. In particular:

  • I cannot see a “call to action” button in a services page, as in the demo first services section

  • I cannot see how to get two services widgets on the page.


Hello @ortho,

  1. You can create a separate page for services and use Services widget to have call to action button.

  2. You can add second Services widget into existing or new Page Builder row when edit a page.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Yes, you can but then you have the same three services in each. See this thread since it is pretty much resolved.

You can control them with slog, just type those services’ name you want to show in slog field

Yes, but you have to set up categories for the service pages first otherwise the slug has no effect.

Then assign a category to the group of services you want to address in the services pages.

Then you can add the name of the category for a particular service in the slug for a services block.

Hello @ortho,

You can not assign categories to your services?

Kind Regards, Roman.