Services, etc. not listed in WP panel

I deactivated and reactivated Types, based on what was suggested in another forum, but that did not work. Please note: I am new to this, so I need step by step instructions! (ie - like you’re talking to a 10 year old) Thanks!

Have you imported the settings file in Types? It’s the first video in the documentation. Just note that now it’s not exactly the same as in the video, you’ll have to click Types > Settings and scroll down in order to find the import/export link.

That was it! Thanks :slight_smile:

You guys may want to update the video to show the import/export link from the new installer’s point view. Would have saved 2 days of this stubborn person’s time :stuck_out_tongue: Stubborn in that I thought it was user error and didn’t check out the forum.

Thanks for the response! Love the theme!