Services, Employees etc. problems

Hello everybody.

I think this will be a quick fix, because I have had the same issue in the past but to the point.

I can not add any services to display them by the services plugin. I am using now the Intro Theme, but in the bast on my other website I was using the Sydney theme. The fix to the problem then was to uninstal the Toolset types plugin because you have your own Sydney toolset plugin. Now I can’t find the Intro plugin.

How to fix it so I can have the Employees and Services areas in my main wordpress dashboard?

Kind regards,

Ok I have it. Sorry for the inconvinience if anybody was willing to reply me :wink: Thanks in advance in the same time. Will just say what I did for anybody having the same problem.

Just go here :wink:

Sheesh… my head is a mess, so easy to setup…