Services, Clients, Testimonials Widgets Don't Work


Great theme btw. Thanks

I cannot get the services, clients, testimonials or employees widgets working. I must be making a common mistake here. Please help.

What I’ve tried so far;

  • Google searching my ass off
  • Disabling all plugins and turning them on one by one.
  • Upgrading from Moesia Free to Moesia Pro (fresh install)
  • Changing pages, recreating pages and page structures

None of this has worked. Any help would be great. I’ve put a test page up with several of these widgets on there. As you can see, the contact us widget works great but there should be 3 more on that particular page which are missing.



I think you missed the documentation :slight_smile:

Basically you need to:

  • import the settings file so you can add testimonials, services etc;
  • add the corresponding widgets to your page (which I understand that you did);
  • those widgets will show the testimonials/services etc. that you’ve added;
  • there is also demo content there in case you need it to get a quick start.

Let me know if the documentation doesn’t help. And I do hope that you didn’t purchased Moesia Pro just for those widgets because they are fully functional in both free and paid version :slight_smile:

Wow. I feel stupid. I guess someone had to be the first to make a mistake so all the others can read the post :wink:

I’m surprised at the comprehensive documentation and videos. What professionals. Thanks you.

These are now up and running.