Services - Change title of button (fp)

Hi :wink:

I’m trying to change the title of the button “See all our services” as we do not display services but features.

However, when I change:

" class=“all-news”><?php echo __(‘See all our services’, ‘moesia’); ?>


" class=“all-news”><?php echo __(‘See all our features’, ‘moesia’); ?>

in the fp-services.php, the change is not saved after cliking “Update file”. The page changes to a preview of the front page when clicking “Update file”, however, when I go back, my change is not saved.

Am I doing something wrong - or is it an error that the file is not updated?

Thanks for your answer :o)

Ps. Site address is (work in progress)


I’m not sure from where exactly you tried to change that file, from the regular Wordpress editor it’s working fine.

Also, you should not make changes to the theme files directly. And that string is translatable, so you can change it to whatever you like by either translating manually, or by using a plugin like this one.

Hi Vlad,

It was in the Wordpress editor I tried to edit it…

But thanks, I installed the plugin and got it changed.

Is it possible to change the color of the button that is part of the Page Builder (to a unique hex code instead of the standard color).

If yes, could you please point me in the right direction?

It’s a great theme with alot of possibilites :o)

Camilla :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the button See all our services? If so, it’s using the same class as the latest news button, so you can go to Customize > Front page colors > find the Latest news section and change the color.

Hi Vlad,

No, I was not refering to that one but the standard button part of the Page Builder (access the page builder and select Button (PB)).

Can this be modified?

But thank you very much for your tip about the See all our Services - I will change this right away! :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.

Nope, that widget is not part of the theme so there are no color options for it. But doesn’t that widget offer multiple colors? Anyway, place it on your site and I’ll give you some CSS to change it if you want.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your answer - and your help.

It does offer some colors, however, only standard colors and I want it to be “our own color”.

But I will try to change via the CSS.

Thanks again for your help - I will be back :slight_smile: