Services centering

My site is and I’m using Sydney.

I followed the video and set up the services on the home page.

It looks great with the icons too. However:

How can I get it to centre across the page?

How can I remove the word ‘home’ from the page - I can’t see where it is.

Thank you.


Okay, im guessing you want the service widget to be stretched. You can do that with the option" row layout"

  1. In pagebuilder, choose edit row—>row setting—>theme–>row layout---->full width stretched.

  2. I don’t understand the second question.

Firstly, thank you - that worked perfectly. So easy!

Sorry I wasn’t clear about the second bit. You can see on the home page that now I have lovely centred services, but in the top left corner of the white bit (the bottom half where the services are) it says Home. I just want to get rid of that.

Thank you for your help.

Okay now i see it.

You can get rid of that. There is a couple of solutions.

Me myself use a plugin :

Another way is to change the the page attribute (right panel) in “model” choose -front page.

Good luck!

Thank you - all sorted!