Services Bouncing

On the front page i have 3 service “icons” listed to be shown. I have set up a services page in the menu to show all 9 services which do display. The problem is the separate services page bounces badly when scrolling up or down and doesn’t show the bottom part of the page.
Please help.


Could you post a link to your website so I can see the issue?

I am using a mac. I have tried it on the iphone and ipad and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with it bouncing??

What browser and version are you using? I’ve checked in all my browsers and I’m not seeing anything bouncing there.

Thankyou for checking.
Im using the latest Google chrome.

For some reason the same thing is happening in safari as well.

I asked someone else to take a look. I cannot see the issue you described. Please wait a bit until I have an answer.

Thanks Vlad…

Seems like we were able to identify a small bouncing problem there caused by the menu turning fixed. Not sure how badly you’re seeing this issue. Could you please send me an email at vlad[at] with an admin account for your site? I would like to try something and see if it fixes it for you.

Just sent it.