Services Background Images

I have 3 different service widgets on the frontpage so that I can separate out the categories better. I want to use different background pictures for each widget. I thought that using the upload picture for each widget works but I noticed it states Depricated. Is this not possible?


It says Deprecated but it also says where you need to go to set your background image. You need to have one widget per row and you assign a background image for that row from Edit Row > Theme > Background image.

Hey Vlad-I did as you requested, and the image is not being applied. It lists it in the row properties, but it does not show. Any ideas?

I’m not seeing that you did on your site’s code. Anyway, you also set a background color for the services block which you would need to revert back to #ffffff from Customize > Front Page colors because that one takes precedence over everything else.

Thx Vlad-that worked.