Services are added one after another- not added as shown in demo video

My issue is the services in the service block is getting displayed one below the another. I have followed the exact steps shown in the video tutorial of this site. Kindly any help will be very grateful!!

Hello there,

Did you mean that you want to display the service block at the first block on your front page? If so, you can edit your front page and re-order the “Rows” service by drag and drop the row.


No what I basically mean is the content in the service block for eg service a , service b and service c are not getting added the way they are shown in the demo. See as of demo its
sevice a service b servicec all in a line …but for me its getting displayed as
Service a
Service b
Service c
One after another.
I have chosen the option of set row ratio 1 equal option 1 as setting while adding a new row. I don’t know where the issue is.pls help out.

Hey all,
I have downloaded the demo content but still the problem remains the same.
What I have found after downloading demo content is the width of my page is either too small that it cant accustom all the service content in single column and therefore automatically columns are getting added up for a single row making each service appear in each column. Can anyone help me how shall I improve the width of the single column so all my services gets placed in them.

Could you please to post the URL of your site? Let me check your site directly.

Hey Awan
My issue is resolved. I had a silly flaw in my browser settings which made the entire layout ugly and it was not looking as in demo video. Earlier was working with Chrome then I cross checked it with Firefox and IE and they were perfectly fine. Anyway thanks a lot : )