Services alignment


I have 5 services, not 6 which means there is a gap in the middle of the second row. Is there anyway to resolve this?

Second 2 closer together or even maybe one row?

Hi, post me your page link, I surely can help you with little custom CSS code.

thanks a million!

Blank page, is it correct address?

Check here, it is down

Back up now. Hopefully it was just the server doing something as its 01.00 here in Norway

Ok, apply this custom css, but remember to remove it if in future you set even number of services:

#services .large-4.medium-6.small-12.columns:last-child {
    float: left;

Digitaleventyr, how you insert your top menu?


Hi henriquestefan,

Its a plugin

I have it setup so it is not shown on mobile displays