Service type widgets are displaying the wrong services when not in admin mode

I’ve set up my site by defining a set of services. Each service is linked to a category. In my pages, I added several widgets of type Services Type A and Services Type B, each displaying services from a specific category (defined by entering the assoicates slug).

If I look at my site in admin mode, everything is working fine and the complete site looks exactly as I have defined it. If I go out of admin mode, or visit my site through another browser or even a mobile browser, then everything is mixed up. The different widgets are showing information that is linked to other categories.

What could be causing this? Appreciate your help.

Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

Could you please share your site URL here so I can have a closer look?
What will happen if you try to temporarily deactivate the all non-required plugins?


When I deactivate the SiteOrigin plugins, then all data is displayed messed up on the screen, but it seems it is the correct data.

The url of the site is:

The strange thing is that in admin mode everything is correct and looks fine. I already tried to clear the cache but this didn’t help either…


It seems there is a conflict between SiteOrigin pagebuilder and the Services Type widgets. See also issue
It’s not the content of the widget that is displayed incorrectly, but the complete row of the page builder that are swapped between pages. Every time it finds a row in the page with the same combination of sydney widgets, these are swapped. Strange thing is also that it behaves consistently in a browser, but differently between browsers. One thing is for sure, it is never correct. SiteOrigin page builder is a recommended plugin for the Sydney theme so I guess they should be able to cooperate. Or am I doing something wrong?