Service Type A font color


I would like to change the color of the text of the fa-icon (

Is there a way to modifiy only the fa-icon text (of second area from the top of the page) instead of create a child theme and modify it for all Service Type widget?


If you go to Edit Row > Theme > Color for that specific row it will change the color for both the icon and the text. Is this what you’re looking for? If not, it can be done with some custom CSS.


my apologize: I just realize that it was a really stupid question :slight_smile:
I was struggling with widget theme instead of the row…
Thanks a lot!

Hi Vlad,

I would like to know how I can change only the colour of the fa-icons and not the entire widget, so editing the color in ‘edit row’ doesn’t work. Can you help me with this?

Hi all
may you please be so kind to investigate why this page has the fa-icon text set to “red” but it show up in grey?

any help will be reaaly appreciated