Service Slug Stopped Working

Hi all! First of all thank you for this beautiful theme and your immense support in these forums.

I have recently installed Polylang to translate the website to a second language as recommended in previous topics.
As i started translating the Services of the website the Slug feature to categorise the services displayed on the Front Page Widget stopped working.
Every time i try to define a Slug i.e. “rooms” when i apply the Slug to another Service the Slug changes to “rooms-2” “rooms-3” and so on.

My idea is to have 2 slugs/categories of services: “rooms” and “glamping-services” then have the same slugs/categories for the second language i.e. “rooms-en” and “glamping-services-en”.

Thank You in advance for the help.


The topic is already marked as Resolved.

Can you please confirm that you solved your issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.