Service section overlay

Hi please help, i am using perth theme and i am needing to overlay(layer) service section above the header image, please see I have tried using z-index with no luck. Please help.


sorry for delay, can you describe more about your question? what is the overlay about and what should it looks like?

I have visit your site but I think the service section are not in good display?

Hi, yes what i want to do is bring those three images with yellow border above the header image. As you can see they are cut off. Does this make sense?

seems like you put css code to the widget from pagebuilder?
please edit the page > edit widgets > widget styles > attribute > and remove all values from the “css style” text field

Yes i put that code there because i could not find another place to put code to move those images above the header image. I have moved it back to how it was. Thanks for trying to understand.