Service link not working

Hello, I’m trying to link the service titles to another page through the editor, but I simply get an icon with the service title (no link). How can I fix this? Also, I can’t change the title of the services section even when I try to make changes in the editor. I have the latest .xml installed. Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure it’s working. Have another look at your settings and post a link to your website please.

Just got an automatic update from WP and the links are working great now! I still can’t change the section text from “our services” though. The site is Thank you for the quick reply! I love your theme and appreciate the support.

They were always working, there was no change to them for a long time now :slight_smile: If they weren’t working for you then there was some other issue.

What exactly can you not change? The title of the widget? You can change it from inside the widget, in the title field. Let me know if you tried that and it’s not working.

Whenever I try to modify the contents of any of the front page widgets they work initially, but revert to a previous version or appear blank as soon as I publish the changes. This happens whether I make the changes in the page builder or in the text editor. It definitely seems like the problem is on my end. Would it help to reinstall the theme, xml, plugins, etc.?

Yeah, that’s not expected behavior. Do you have a caching plugin maybe?

It may have been the problem. I deleted other themes and unused plugins, then reinstalled moesia, .xml, and required plugins. Now it’s working great! Thanks for the fast response and the great theme!