Service link issue

So I cant seem to quite pin point whats causing this issue so I thought Id see if you had a idea.

i have different slugs for different services, so that i can have a service menu go to another service menu listing different things on the separate pages, with separate services.

The issue im running into is the services that show are sometimes correct and sometimes wrong. sometimes ill see the correct services on the main screen " glass things, oil things, seed things ect. Then when you go to the “oil things” itll take you to a new page with a service widget, this one though should show “jars and mats, nails, and tools”

I run into going back to the home screen and having the wrong services show. or vise versa. Like ill click “oil things” and itll take me to the correct page
with the services glass things, oil things, seed things services still showing from the page before.

Just is very frustrating. It sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t. Most of the time it happens from a phone. ( have been testing iPhones with google chrome)

So the thing is that the page you linked shows either Shop Stuff with 4 services or Oil Shop with 3 services?
That’s strange, though I guess it might be the page builder conflicting with something. What would be the correct URL for your Oil Shop group of services? Can you send me an account so I can have a look? would be the url for the 3 oil services.

I think it was a cache issue caused by your caching plugin. I flushed it and reloaded the page tens of times to be sure and it seems to work properly. Can you confirm?

doesn’t seem to of fixed… google chrome brings up the oil shop on the home page for me. tried it from 3 different ip addresses that had there cache cleared to make sure. ie doesn’t seem to have a issue.

I noticed the service categorie I had was for a 2nd shop with a space. I got rid of that as some had the slug as 2nd shop and some 2nd-shop. idk if itll fix it but might help.

Yeah, I still think it’s related to Godaddy’s caching. I’ve set it up on our demo site and it works properly: See Page B and the front page. Unfortunately I can’t help with this.

what would be a better hosting site for wp?

im gonna delete all services and pages and start over lol

Probably anything else except Godaddy. They should just be used for buying domains. Wpengine is probably the best but it’s also pretty expensive.

I don’t think you’ll achieve much by deleting the services. A better idea might be to change the category slugs. That might set it on the right track.

well im gonna get rid of all the categories for services, all pages that where associated, all categories in woocommerce as well and kinda start over. shouldn’t take to long and I can make it cleaner then what it was.

If that doesn’t work ill move the site to a new hosting site and see what happens.