Service Icon disappearing


First of all let me tell you that you guys did a great theme, thank you!

I’m having an issue that you can verify with your demo theme that is happening in android phones, when you scroll down with your finger the images disapear and then appear again.

I have changed the icon for an image and it is doing the same, this is the dev site

Thank you in advance.


Just checked both your site and the theme demo and everything is looking fine in Android 4.1 with Chrome.


All right, thank you for your reply, I’ll take a look in another phone.

BTW, I’ve just installed 1.14 and in the style.css - line 40 - all the headers are setup up with font-size: 700;



Thanks for reporting it.


Sorry Vlad, I checked the site in a Samsung Tablet with Android of course and the problem is with all the divs that have an animation class. Please take a look here

Thank you


Well, I’m not seeing it but you can disable the animations for mobile devices. I guess we should add an option for that.

Meanwhile, please you can add this in a custom CSS plugin and it should work:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
   .animated {
      -webkit-animation: none !important;
      animation: none !important;