Service headers

Hi again!
Thanks for your help so far.
I added some services using the service post type. The headers are the same font / colour as the text. In your demo, the headers for each service stand out which looks far better. I can’t see how to change this. I put the headers in the title area when creating a new service post so surely it should automatically format it based on Sydney’s style.css? in case you wanted to take a look!

thank you,

Hello Sarah,

Actually style is the same on our demo, and on your site, except, that you have increased size and used darker color of services description, so now style of headings and descriptions are almost the same.

You should be able to set weight of headings with custom css code below:

.roll-icon-box .content h3, .roll-icon-box .content h3 a {
    font-weight: bold;

And you can apply the code with this plugin
Result should look like this afterwards

All the Best!