Service Category


first of all, thank you for the awesome theme!

I have the following problem:
I assigned services to a category which I created.
When I assign the slug of the category to the corresponding field of the widget, the widget disappears on the front page.

I didn’t manipulate any code nor do I have a child theme. Here some info which might help (sql tables):

Thank you very much!!


That can only happen if you’ve added the wrong slug or if that category has no services in it.

Thanks for the answer, but I’m quit sure the slug is correct and has services. How can I send you credentials for my site? Thank you!

You can send to vlad[at]
I’ll check in the morning.

Thank you very much! For other readers: It was my events plugin which only by being active caused the mess.

One more question: Is it possible to order the services somehow?

Yeap, you can either change the published date or you can use this plugin:

Reviews are appreciated if you enjoy the theme: :slight_smile:

Thanks once again. Usually I don’t do reviews but you deserve it for sure. I signed up to be able to give you 5 stars. Thank you!!