Service and Social Icons not showing up

Hello. I can’t figure out why icons aren’t showing up on my site ( in some browsers. They show up in Firefox for me, but not Chrome on my computer. However, they show up in my phone’s mobile Chrome browser.

I asked some others to check and they didn’t show up in Chrome, Firefox or Windows Explorer.

I tried to look over past support topics about this but I’m still not sure what could be causing this problem on my site.

Thank you.

Hello there,

They’re displaying correctly on my Chrome (latest version).

Have you checked this topic?


I went through that topic you shared and tried the suggestions: there was no “www” in the Address boxes under Settings. And I added the code to the htaccess file. Nothing has changed.

I can’t figure out why the icons show up for some (like you) and not for others. And in some browsers but not others…