Serve scaled images of Projects

Hello Everyone!

I have tried to research this, but with no luck.

I get this error message… .jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 480x320 to 218x145. Serving a scaled image could save 37.0KiB (79% reduction).

It is the same for all of my projects. All of my projects are the suggested size. (700 x 467). I am thinking it is because there are actually 3 sizes for the same photo. One for the FP: Portfolio (which is the 218 x145 size), one for the archive projects page, and one for the project post.

Please help!

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I’ve already answered in this topic:

Please don’t post duplicate topics.

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Hi Roman,
I am truly sorry to post a duplicate topic. I was trying to edit my question and posted it twice. It was not intentional.

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That’s okay, I’ll close this topic to avoid confusion.

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