Separate Call to Action Image & Video

I have Recently purchase the “Moesia Pro” but cannot insert a separate image and video as the call to action background here is the link to my site to see what I am talking about

Have another look at the way you’ve set your background image, you’re using a deprecated option. See where that options tells you to set the image from.

I don’t know if it is because I am a beginner but I am getting background image and parallax effect in all the other widget except the call to action. Is it because I have two call to action?

Your background image for the call to action section is showing up. But remove it from where you’ve set it and then from the Page Builder click on Edit Row and set it from there.

This is the last time I am posting about this so i included an image of my home page widgets and i find it is different to the ones on the Video in the documentation is there a problem with the Moesia Pro theme installation

Oh, I see now what you have there.
If you want to use the option that I mentioned before, you simply need to separate your sections and distribute each of them on a row.
For that to happen, you need to click on Add Row from the top of your screenshot. Each time you click a new row will be generated. Simply move each of your sections on one of those rows. Hope this makes sense.