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I’ve installed a cookies policy plugin (in Spanish, as I live in Spain). All good, but it has created 2 new pages with the full documentation of compliance with EU law (which is necessary). However, it placed the pages in my horizontal menu, effectively crowding it. I?d like to link to those 2 pages from the footer and thus release my menu from its burden. Any idea how I can do that? Thanks a mil.



If those pages were automatically added to your top menu then that means you haven’t actually defined a menu and you’re displaying the fallback one. Go to Appearance > Menus, create your menu only with the pages you want and assign it to the primary position.
After that add your links in the footer however you see fit, in a text widget maybe.

Thanks Vlad, you’re a gem.


Hi Vlad,

Me again. I managed to declutter the top menu per your instructions. But I can’t seem to link those pages from the footer. I’m using the text widget in footer B but it only allows me to set a title. Any ideas?

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I sort of half-solved it in a very unelegant fashion using the “button” widget. I’d appreciate other ideas that are not so clunky. Thanks Vlad.