Self Hosted Video

How do I change the size of the video to the width and height that I need?

You can either use Revolution Slider (recommended) to get a better control of the video header, or you can let me know how exactly you want to change it and I might be able to help - though it’s basically meant to be full screen.

I have a plugin that I was using but the visual editor widget and text widget would distort the video in Firefox, and Chrome . I would like to be able to use the plugin because it allows me to change the video players themes and size of the video. The problem is when I put the short code into the visual editor widget it only displays correctly in Internet Explorer. I know for sure that it is not the plugin because when I put the short code in the wordpress editor page it looks and works fine in all website browsers. Can you fix that problem?

I would like to help with this but:

  1. I would need to see the issue;
  2. I don’t know what visual editor widget you’re referring to.

So if you could setup a page where I can see the video distorted and point me to it, I can have a look if it’s a theme issue or a plugin issue and maybe find fix.