Selection and Widget

Few doubts:

1 - Where can I change the color when I make the text selection? It’s orange by default and I would like to change to another color.

2 - Inside the footer A I’m using the “Moesia: Contact info”. The options I can add are Address, Phone and Email. In the website appears in english and I would like to change to portguese Address = Morada; Phone = Telefone. Is there any chance to change the language?

Thx again!

Hi, if you are using child theme add CSS code below to your stylesheet, if not you can apply it with simple custom css plugin.

::selection {
    background-color: #cacaca;
    color: #fff;

And remember to change colors to desired ones.

If you are using WP in portuguese it should be displayed in your language. In which language is your WP installation?

Thanks a lot for the answer.

My wordpress installation is in Brazilian portuguese. But it still appears in english on the website.

I see. there is translation for, how do I say “standard portuguese”. I don’t want to say that Brazilian portuguese is less standard one :slight_smile:

Anyway, in theme folder > languages you will find translations. You need to copy and rename Portuguese files ( and pt_PT.po) to and pt_BR.po if your languages are similar.

As you can see I am not expert for languages :slight_smile: , so if languages are much different you have to create your own translation with poedit (translate moesia.pot)

Another possibility would be to install WordPress in “standard portuguese”.

Check this post about translating to German (principle is what matters).

It’s ok! We only have a few differences from Portugal’s to Brazilian portuguese.

I’m gonna try to proceed with the principles you’ve sent to me.

Thks a lot, man

I didn’t try yet to change the language, but you guys can consider this thread solved. Thks

Ok, thank you :slight_smile: