Seems easy but

My website is
I’d like to replace “email box : your email” with code so that I can ask people their mail using aweber. I can’t figure a way to put html instead of the text.

Do you know which file i could edit in order to achieve that ?
It’s been 3 hours i’m trying to find it … so thanks a lot if you can give me a quick answer ! I’d also like to put the text and button a little bit on the right so that we can see the couple, may I modify styles.css ?



Did you mean you want to change the email text field with aweber text field? if so, you don’t need to modify any files in this theme, you can modify or create new form using contact 7 form plugin.

Go to plugins > contact 7 form > settings

Thanks but I can’t make it work
Actually I’d just like to know how to implement html on the welcome zone. So then I’ll be able to put my aweber or contact form code.
Thank you so much !


It’s not enough with only put the HTML element to the welcome zone, but you have to create a PHP function to save the aweber info to database.

you can ask for help to codeable to make some modifications and implement those form onto your site, if necessary.