"see all our news" link

at the frontpage at “latest news” there is automticly a link in a box called:
“see all our news”. this link goes to main page. where can i change this links.
thanks and thank you for the wonderful template…

That link goes to your blog page automatically. If you would like to remove it or something you can find it in fp-latest-news.php

thanks for the fast reply…

i have the news at blog: see:

but the link at frontpage won´t go to this page…

Your blog page isn’t actually a blog page, it’s just a category page.

You need to go back where you set your front page as static, and assign a page you want as the blog posts page. If you’ve already did that and this is the outcome you’re having, than change the name of the page you’re using for blog posts.

I am also want to change the link URL of the button.
Can I change where the specified URL in “fp-latest-news.php”?


You can change it but I don’t recommend it, it will be overwritten when you update the theme.