Sections aren't shown up as in the demo


I’d like to add some sections in the homepage, just as in the demo.
So I went to the customizer, chose for homepage sections and check the boxes of the different sections. But they don’t show up in the homepage, only the blog sections shows up. I also tried to delete the theme and add them again, to check off the boxes first, save and check them again. But nothing happens… What do I need to do?


Have you install woocommerce plugin? and import theme settings file (doc)?


Thanks for your response. Yes, I installed the woo commerce plugin, which theme settings do you exactly mean?

if you already have woocommerce plugin installed and demo theme setting imported, the section should displayed if you configure it from customize

Hi, i am having same issue. I installed theme then woocommerce, then imported demo theme setting. but still having same issue as above.

Where can i put a new ticket please?

Here’s a video of the issue




That issue is, because you have set your Homepage to be Your Latest Posts, to resolve this issue, please follow these steps:
step1 - go to wp-admin / Pages - create a new page ( which will be your Homepage ), set it’s Page Template to “Front Page” ( this option is in right sidebar under Page Attributes, while you are publishing or editing a page in wp-admin / Pages ).

step2 - go to wp-admin / Settings / Reading - Select the Page you created at *step1 as Your Static Front Page.

step 3 - Setup the Sections in Customizer, now they will have to work.

Please let Us know if this helped you to resolve this issue.

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great it’s working fine. Excellent theme.


Hi Vikash,

Ok, I’m glad it’s resolved for you. You’re most welcome!

@L. Rien - Please let Us know if this works for you too.

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