Sections and fonts

I was some issues what is blocking me to setup de website nicely with the moesia theme.

  1. What are the dimensions of each sections on the home page?

  2. I want to make each sections on the home page bigger or smaller to fit the background picture in each sections. How can i do this?

  3. All the fonts in each sections are centered. I want for each sections to have the fonts left and some at right. How i can do this?

  4. For each section item you can make a button. But this button is always centered. How can i move this to left or right and give it an other color?

  5. How to remove the link-icon and glass-icon or what is much better how to center the link-icon and make it bigger without a hover effect. So you can see it and people can click on it.

  6. How to center the text in the Employees section?

  7. I have a contact info in the footer, but for every contact detail i want this on one row. Now for the address it is split in 2 rows. How can i make this colums bigger?

A lot of questions. I hope somebody will have some answer ont it. Im gonna crazy a little bit. Thanks.