Secondary Menu


Love the theme and try to make a mock site utilizing all function you have before we decide to move forward. Currently the default only allows me to put one menu and only one position. My question is:

  1. How can I add a secondary menu (I want to put in the footer section to display just like the primary menu style instead of using “Pages Widge” which I’m having extremely hard time of excluding pages.) This will allow me to put not so important menu at the lower left and/or right (or both so I can put disclaimer and privacy ect.)

  2. As you will see my site, it will be fully translated manually in local language. I’m thinking about add an English section and add a “English” selection infront of the all menu at the primary. However, if I want to create an entire English pages, I would need to add menus in English unlike the default local language. Will I be able to achieve this or I need to create a sub-domain and recreate everything with different installation?

My testing site:


  1. There is no second menu, sorry.
  2. I can’t see your site cause it seems you broke the contact widget.